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US Department of State Career Achievement Award, 2009

US Department of State Superior Honor Award, Twice, 1977-2008
US Department of State Meritorious Honor Award, 4 Times, 1977-2008
Burkina Faso's National Order, Knight's Cross, 2000
Bolivia's Order of Agustin Aspiazu, Grand Cross, 2003
US Army Commendation Medal, 1974
US Army National Defense Medal, 1971
US Army ROTC Distinguished Military Graduate, 1971
US Army ROTC Distinguished Military Student, 1970


                       German                                                        Spanish

Dan Santos, Novelist


A former American diplomat in the US Foreign Service and US Army infantry officer, I served both in the US and abroad, during peace and during war time. In addition to other military and diplomatic skills, I speak several foreign languages.

I hold a BA on Politics and Public Affairs from the University of Miami, and MSs from Florida International University in Public Administration and The National War College in National Security Strategy.

The Insurrection Series is my first adventure into the fiction genre. I currently live  in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC.

Countries in which I've served or traveled officially.

Algeria, Andorra, Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Canada, Denmark, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Haiti, Holy See, Ireland, Italy, Ivory Coast, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Mexico, Moldova, Morocco, Netherlands, Kosovo, Peru, Russia, Spain, Tunisia, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Military posts where I was stationed or traveled to officially.

Fort Benning, Fort Bragg, Fort Dix, Fort Polk, Homestead AFB, Hellenikon AFB, Iraklion AFB, Bad Tolz, Baumholder, Frankfurt, Fulda, Grafenwoehr, Heidelberg, Kitzingen, Mainz, Oberammergau, Wiesbaden, Wildflecken, Wuerzburg.