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Dan Santos lives near the source of peaceful Rock Creek, Maryland. Ironically, the peaceful woods around the creek inspired scenes of incredible violence during the fictitious ascendance of the first dictatorship in America. He finished the Insurrection trilogy in 2016 and is hard at work on a totally different story about a dog.

Well known in US diplomatic circles for his inspired reporting on revolutions, blood diamonds and international catastrophes, his dispatches were also a call to action for Washington leaders. The Santos prose gritty visuals were convincing and compelling, moving diplomats and sometimes troops into action, and always punctuated by compassion and common sense. Compassion and understanding inspired the story of Blitz, coming in 2018.

He keeps in touch with his readers through this website and his book review blog (see Blog and Social Media page), where he reviews novels written by other authors and publishes moving pieces inspired by people and animals.  

Media Kit

                             Dan's Weapons Proficiency

US M-1 Carbine, US M-14 Rifle, US M-15A1Rifle, US 1911 .45 Cal Pistol, US M-3 Submachine Gun,  US M-26 and 33 Fragmentation Grenades, US M-79 Grenade Launcher, US M-203 Combo Rifle and Grenade Launcher, US M-60 7.62 Machine Gun, US M-1 .50 Cal Machine Gun, US Light Anti-tank Weapon System (LAWS) US 81mm and 4.2 inch Mortars, German M-4 Rifle, German P-38 Pistol, German PPK .380 Pistol German MP5 Submachine Gun, and Austrian Glock 17 and 19 Pistols, Okinawan Bo Staff and Nunchucks.

Media Photos

Dan's Language Proficiency

French, Greek, German, Spanish, and yes, English with a Brooklyn accent (when he gets mad).

Military posts where Dan served
Fort Benning, Fort Bragg, Fort Dix, Fort Polk, Homestead AFB, Hellenikon AFB, Iraklion AFB, Bad Tolz, Baumholder, Frankfurt, Fulda, Grafenwoehr, Heidelberg, Kitzingen, Mainz, Oberammergau, Wiesbaden, Wildflecken, Wuerzburg.

  Countries where Dan served

Algeria, Andorra, Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Canada, Denmark, Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Haiti, Holy See, Ireland, Italy, Ivory Coast, Kosovo, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Mexico, Moldova, Morocco, Netherlands, Kosovo, Peru, Russia, Spain, Tunisia, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

                    Honors and Awards
US Department of State Career Achievement Award

US Department of State Superior Honor Award, Twice
US Department of State Meritorious Honor Award, 4 Times
Burkina Faso's National Order, Knight's Cross
Bolivia's Order of Agustin Aspiazu, Grand Cross
US Army Commendation Medal
German Schuntzenschnurr am Bronz

US Army National Defense Medal
US Army ROTC Distinguished Military Graduate
US Army ROTC Distinguished Military Student