Martial Arts

 Grand Master Paul Turse
Dan's first Judo teacher, friend and fellow writer is featured as Jude's Sensei in "Insurrection: Mile-High Blood." In real life, Sensei Turse holds an 8th Dan in Judo and a 6th Dan in Jujutsu. He also has a PhD in Education from Columbia University. Get his full history and books at

Someone once said Dan was a martial artist with a writing problem. Beginning at age 10 with foil fencing, he next trained in Judo under the famous Judo and Jujutsu Grand Master Paul Turse and other Senseis. A little while ago a young man named Mikey hoodwinked him into training in Grand Master Amaguana's Dojo, where the Fifth Degree Black Belt Grand Master teaches a combination Tang Soo Do Karate, Krav Maga, Kick Boxing and Far Eastern Weapons. He got thoroughly hooked.

    First Degree Black Belt
Dan earned a 1st Degree Black Belt four years after Mikey convinced him to train in Karate with him. Here he is at the Dojo (martial arts studio) surrounded by many of his teachers on the day he tested for Black Belt. 

Left to right: Grand Master Daniel Amaguana, Mr. Peter, Ms. Susan, Mr. Spencer, Ms. Jocelyn, Ms. Lidia and Ms. Stephanie with Kaylee. 

Beware of a writer whose only passion is writing

             Grand Master

        Daniel Amaguana

                5th Degree Black Belt

 posing with one of his Black Belts.