Sho Dan
‚ÄčIt took me a little over four years. Meet the newest 1st Degree Black Belt at my dojo surrounded by my teachers...who couldn't believe I made it! LOL

Left to right: Sensei Daniel Amaguana, Mr. Peter, Ms. Susan, Mr. Spencer, Ms. Jocelyn, Ms. Lidia and Ms. Stephanie with Kaylee. Of course, I'm the ugly guy kneeling!

Someone once said I was a martial artist with a writing problem. Beginning at age 10 with foil fencing, I next trained in Judo under the famous Judo and Jujutsu Master Paul Turse and other Senseis. A little over four years ago a little man named Mikey hoodwinked me into training in Tang Soo Do Karate with him. I got thoroughly hooked. You should try it!

Dan Santos, Novelist

Beware of a writer whose only passion is writing

Master Paul Turse
My first Judo teacher, friend and fellow writer. With his permission I featured him in "Insurrection: Mile-High Blood" as Jude's Martial Arts instructor. In real life, Sensei Turse holds an 8th Dan in Judo and a 6th Dan in Jujutsu. He also has a Columbia PhD in Education. Get his full history and books at