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Letters from Blitz

A Novella

What if your best friend crossed the Rainbow Bridge? What if he saw you suffering and wants to send you a message from that magical place to let you know he’s OK? This is the story of a dog named Blitz who changed the Rainbow Bridge forever.


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Las cartas de Blitz

Una Novela en español

Esta es la historia de cuando Blitz subió al cielo de las mascotas, El Puente del Arcoíris, donde revolucionó las normas del mágico lugar. De la raza alemana Weimaraner, Blitz era un pillo adorable al cual le importaba más el sufrimiento de otros que el suyo. Dicen los críticos que la novela es intensa y edificante, y que trae paz y sosiego a los que han perdido a una  entrañable mascota.

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Appalachian Command

A Novel 

Americans fight the dictator who usurps power when international terrorists blow up the White House and the Capitol, slaughtering the president and most high level officials.


Reluctantly paired, a man and a woman kidnap the dictator's wife to use as leverage for the release of their comrades. He a former Army Ranger and she a Military Police officer find common ground in their hatred for the dictator, and their need to avenge their families. Terrorists and the dictator’s troops chase them through the Potomac River’s wilderness. Unpredictable feelings for each other make their task harder.


This is the first of three episodes of the Insurrection Series. 

IAC 3D.jpg

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Mile-High Blood

A Novel

Parting angry after a disastrous mission, the freedom fighter commander sends Kate to protect an interim civilian president the rebels elected and Jude to parachute behind enemy lines. 


The Chinese Army forces occupying the US West Coast kidnap Kate and the president. Jude is called to rescue them; a task that will take him from Colorado to California in a mad helicopter and ground chase. The fight against elite Marines from the People's Liberation Army is bloody and costly.


This is the second of three episodes of the Insurrection Series. 

IMHB 3D.jpg

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Tiger Legion

A Novel

After a daring landing at a Chinese Army controlled air base, Jude’s commandos infiltrate a naval base to free the rebel president.


In the aftermath of the raid on the naval base, Jude and Kate learn the identity and location of the terrorist leader responsible for the deaths of their families. 


What started as a resistance military operation in the States turns into a risky and bloody international chase.


This is the third of three episodes of the Insurrection Series. 

ITL 3D.jpg

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