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Dan's Bio

Dan Santos began writing novels after a successful career as a US diplomat in Europe, Africa and Latin America. Before that, he served our country as an infantry officer in the US Army. 


His thrillers have the direct, no-nonsense style of his diplomatic dispatches and his words are neither shy nor politically correct. When things need to be said, he writes them "loud and clear."


Brother and sister vets love The Insurrection Series, the story of how Americans revolted against a dictator who took over after a cataclysmic terrorist act. Yet, his sentimental novella about a beloved dog, hugs the reader's heart and has landed on three Amazon best-selling lists. Letters from Blitz was recently translated into Spanish.


Dan is working on a spinoff to the Insurrection Series, an organized crime thriller, and - by public request - the story of a boy and his dog.


The rough streets of Brooklyn will always be home, but he now lives with his family in the Maryland countryside, not far from the awesome Potomac River.

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