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Tiger Legion has reached 303 pages, 83,000 words. I've begun to whittle them down.

The cover is ready. See it on the top cover slide show.

I'm continuing the first editing before I send the manuscript to the State Department for approval, so as not to share anything improper with my editor. After State approves, the outside editor will do his job and THEN we'll publish. This is exciting!!

Take a look at the cover in the slideshow to your left.


I've almost finished revised editions for "Insurrection: Appalachian Command" and "Insurrection: Mile-High Blood." They will be available at major eBook and print outlets soon. Keep the faith, baby! 

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         Next Martial Arts Challenge

My Sensei has scheduled me to test for First Degree Black Belt at the end of October. I hope I'm up to the challenge!


             China Classic Tournament

On August 13th I participated in the China Classic Tournament at National Harbor, Maryland. While I was able to win 1st Place on Traditional Forms, I only got 4th Place in Sparring. I guess I'm getting old, but it helps that my opponents were at least 25 years younger! LOL

  The Israeli Caracal Battalion

The Israeli Caracal Light Infantry Battalion is used fictitiously in the Insurrection Series. It is a combat arms, gender integrated unit where men and women fight alongside each other with tremendous institutional pride. Here's a video that features the Caracal and an Israeli soldier from Baltimore, Maryland.


I am an avid martial arts devotee. Beginning at age 10 with foil fencing I trained in Judo later under the famous Master Paul Turse and other Judo Senseis. About three years ago my Mikey hoodwinked me into training in Tang Soo Do Karate with him. I got thoroughly hooked. You should try it!

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I'm an insatiable reader and often review the work of other authors. I'm also not shy about opening up on current cultural or political events. Should you want to read articles on the Wordpress blog, it's available here. Recently, they asked me to translate the novels into Spanish and other languages, so I have added articles in Spanish. The opinions expressed here are my own.
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